6th November - Today's News: Volcano Erupts in Nigeria

Nigeria isn't normally known for volcanic activity, but there's been a volcanic eruption in Benue, 1 killed, property destroyed Meanwhile, in SE Asia airlines make Indonesia a no-fly zone after Mount Merapi's worst eruption yet.

There seems to be some confusion in Ireland at the moment with Dublin braced for hurricane ..... in fact, the storm predicted for Sunday and Monday has nothing at all to do with any hurricane: it's a normal North Atlantic depression which, less normally, will be developing south of Greenland and then tracking south to bring heavy rain and strong winds across much of the British Isles.

There were, however, fatal floods as Hurricane Tomas sweeps over Haiti - it's now heading towards the Turks and Caicos Islands where a British Naval vessel is already positioned to provide aid if needed (demonstrating once again how vital our navy is!)

In India, Andhra, Tamil Nadu brace for Cyclone Jal

New temperature high in Prague - I assume it's the record for the highest temp recorded there in November? In America, it was certainly the hottest November day in San Diego history. Meanwhile, North-west Qld experiences record low temperatures - down to 25c!

While in Bahrain, October was the hottest on record


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