17th November - Today's News: Drivers Rescued as Floods Hit Cornwall

After up to 2 inches of rain fell overnight, trapped drivers rescued as floods hit Cornwall. But good news from the ST Austell brewery: beer deliveries will get through floods. There's also been a severe weather warning as N.I. battered by storms and in Wales, Pembrokeshire fire crews called out to flooding.

Well, it is autumn, what do you expect? Signs are that it'll be turning colder too by the end of the month. And holly berries suggest harsh winter on the way (actually they do nothing of the sort - they only indicate what the weather was like earlier in the year, but that's not saying a cold winter might not be on the way). No signs unseasonable cold or snow for low lying areas as yet though, whatever the media may be misinforming their readers. Meanwhile, in Germany climate experts warn of extremely cold winters due to climate change.

There've been 176 crashes in Calgary winter storm

Web users unite to power climate change project - another of these experiments whereby you download a programme to run whilst your computer is idle. Unfortunately my computers are always either in use or switched off ....

Anyway, a study of 4 decades of research shows without doubt that Earth's lower atmosphere is warming. And I've a sneaky feeling that human activity might be behind some of it.


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