26th November - Today's News: Early Winter Bites Across Britain

One dominant news story which is likely to remain the case for at least a week - and that of course is the early onset of weather across Britain. Down to -5.2c this morning in my garden, not quite a record but we may see -6c or lower in the coming nights. Big worries too about next week as low pressure pushes up from the Bay of Biscay in a classic 'channel low' scenario. Some parts of England could see some nasty blizzards later in Tuesday and through into Wednesday - and one of those parts could even be Evesham! However it may not be until Sunday or Monday until we will really know exactly where the low will go and thus where the snow will most likely fall. If it's further north than the current consensus then we get rain, if it's further south we could even stay dry.

Heavy snow falling in North Wales this morning, but otherwise it's so far been Scotland and NE England that has been worst affected. Heavy early snow grips parts of UK amid fresh warnings. Despite reports describing this as the earliest widespread in 17 years, it's not as yet affected as many as in November 2005. That may change!

London gears up for cold weather

Snow causes chaos on north-east roads

North Wales hit by snow and freezing conditions

Holiday plan overshoots landing at Newcastle airport, probably due to the icy conditions

Early snowfall brings disruption around east and north Yorkshire

Warning as sleet, snow and ice forecast for Devon

Grit supply in limbo as major snowfall forecast

Although not yet as severe in Ireland, Met Eireann warns very cold weather to last at least a week

And in Canada, Vancouver hit with heavy snowfall while warmer air make for slushy Victoria

But forget the cold, the world is warmer says Met Office - and according to the data, they're right. However, global warming has slowed because of pollution. Particularly the Asian brown cloud. Meanwhile, this year the world may post warmest year as UK Met Office adjusts a decade of data. They won't like that on WUWT!

Polar bears unlikely to survive in warmer world, biologists say. Though they fail to explain how polar bears survived the much warmer Eemian Interglacial .....


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