24th November - Today's News: Prolonged Cold & Snow Expected in Britain

And so it begins. Winter 2010/11 that is. Down to -1.8c this morning with a good frost on the ground and temperatures expected to be much lower over the coming days. Some indications we could see snow in the Vale as early as tomorrow morning, though more likely on Saturday night and again next week. And model output suggests this will not be a short wintry blast but the start of a prolonged spell of cold weather. Prolonged cold snap and significant snowfall forecast. And already the cold snap causing road problems in north of Scotland.

However, despite its severity, the number of deaths due to cold weather fell last winter.

Icy roads continue to play havoc across Alaska

In Seattle 'big storm' overwhelmed city's snow response as storm pounds Northwest, then heads east.

In the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians join together to pray for rain

Global warming predictions lead to India temperature rise concerns

Cloud study predicts more global warming

Cost effectiveness of ecological restoration demonstrated

The Sun steals comets from other stars

And sad news this morning from New Zealand mine: 'no survivors' after second blast. Commiserations to the families and friends of those who perished.


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