3rd November - Today's News: Massive Rainfall Causes Landslides, Deaths in Italy

After severe storms dropped a huge amount of rain in northern Italy (reportedly 810mm fell in the space of 62 hours at Piancavallo), storms in Italy cause deaths, evacuations. As usual with such events in Europe, it's not easy to find decent English language coverage of the events. However the Daily Mail have picked the story up - and provided some good photos as they often do - in conjunction with another European story; a large crater opens up beneath German town swallowing car. There is also video footage on the BBC as mudslides kill three in Tuscany.

Clean-up begins on holiday island of St Lucia after Hurricane Tomas claims 14 lives - and now storm takes aim at devastated Haiti. Though now only a tropical storm, Tomas is the last thing the country needs right now. Though to be fair, it's had a very lucky escape thus far this season.

As floods continue to hit Thailand, Thai soldiers race to help flooded southern city - with even an aircraft carrier being deployed. Elsewhere in SE Asia, there's at least 1 dead, 1 missing in Malaysia floods and a further eight dead in latest Vietnam flooding.

In India, Andhra faces cyclone threat, 20 killed in rains

La Nina affects Australia as Darwin has coldest November day on record

Earthquake kills two in central Serbia

And finally, this doesn't surprise me at all: cloud seeding not effective at producing rain as once thought. However the Weather Modification Association in America may not be amused!


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