22nd November - Today's News: CO2 Emissions Predicted to Reach Record Levels in 2010

Well no surprise the media have finally cottoned on to the fact it's going to turn cold this week as Britain braces itself for up to 6in of snow with temperatures set to tumble to -10c as winter bites.

And I'm not the only one wondering if we could see a repeat of 1981/2 this winter - plenty of cold and snowy weather. But all over by February.

Snow blankets metro Vancouver while further south, SoCal mountains get snow as rain subsides

Australian outback storms bring a month's rain in 10 minutes

Despite the recession, global carbon dioxide emissions may reach record levels in 2010 though there may be some good news since "We could be seeing the first signs of net CO2 sequestration in the forest sector outside the tropics".


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