27th November - Today's News: First Winter Snow in Evesham

Quite a few more places had snow overnight, including Evesham - barely 1cm but nonetheless produced a ground covering, which is something we've not had in the town in November since I moved here in 1999 (it snowed in 2005 but soon melted again in town).

Fresh heavy snowfalls and icy roads affecting UK

Cumbria wakes up to snow chaos

Warning for drivers across Wales as snow takes hold

In Ireland, drivers warned over icy conditions

There's been reports of thundersnow in Ireland and also the Channel Islands where Jersey airport hit by lightning causing delays

And this earliest white winter for two decades could go on for 10 days. Or even longer.

Back in October, 'inclement weather' blamed for late running of trains - even though the weather was as normal as it could possibly be!

'Weather check' could predict A&E injury rates

How Robert Mugabe tries to control the weather

Montreal freezing rain stirs frustration

Hunters may have delivered fatal blow to mammoths


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