13th November - Today's News: Will BBC Forecasters Strike?

It's alleged there's another storm front at the BBC as now weather forecasters threaten to strike. As yet I've heard nothing direct from anyone at the BBC weather centre or the Met Office so couldn't say how true this might be. My views on strikes are no secret: I oppose them in all cases except where public safety is at issue. So sorry guys, no support from me.

Heavy rains flood Gisbourne homes in Victoria, Australia

Cholera fears in Benin's flooded city of Cotonou

Landslides cut off parts of central Vietnam

5,800 lightning strikes seen over Chongqing in winter thunderstorm - which lasted 10 hours. That's longer that all the thunderstorms I've experienced in my life put together!

An update on the damage from Thursday's storm with Blackpool lights and other landmarks hit by storm winds in Lancashire

Western Isles fear over green power connection - but why do they need it? Why need use the windfarms on Lewis to power homes on Lewis? And then tear down the abomination of a power line running across Kintail and Skye that was erected to bring power to Lewis from the south ....

It's suggested that Earth's pull shaped Moon's surface in ancient times

Scottish rocks record ancient oxygen clues

And a new discovery could reveal secrets of ancient Martian and terrestrial atmospheres

Catastrophic drought looms for capital of Bolivia - if the Andean glaciers melt (glacial meltwater provides a constant flow of water in the rivers during the summer, whereas without then the flow would be much more sporadic and dependant on rainfall).

'Mega-quake' would likely spare B.C. - but the resultant tsunami would not.


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