11th May - Today's News: Fire and Rain Meant Wild April in USA

They saw fire and rain: Feds point to wild April with the NOAA's monthly assessment here.

There's more flooding in Canada as Assinboine's assault surprises experts, whilst in the US, historic flooding threatens delta, as the Mississippi River reaches peak.

Lightning strike injures Erin Moran, 10, in Merthyr on Monday. But good to hear she was back to school the next day.

Togo: '36 dead' after boats capsize east of Lome in a storm

In Australia, Victoria shivers as snow blankets Alps - proof, no doubt, that there's no such thing as global warming.

According to the IPCC, renewables could meet 75% of world energy needs by 2050. Note: could, not will.

More evidence that shale gas drilling 'contaminates drinking water'

Anthropocene: have humans created a new geological age?

And Rome braces for 'prophet-predicted quake' - since the guy died in 1979 I guess there'll be no apology tomorrow. Meanwhile, Taiwan 'prophet' unfazed by apocalypse no show. A 7.1 mag earthquake did hit Vanatu in the Pacific on Tuesday though.


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