6th May - Today's News: Quebec Floods Worst on Record

Soldiers lend a hand to flood-weary Quebec residents as they deal with the region's worst flooding on record.

And in the US, Mississippi floods force evacuations near Memphis with record flood being predicted here as well.

On the other hand, it's welcome relief in Britain with the arrival or much needed rain to aid heathland wildfires fight. Before it arrived, NASA's MODIS Terra satellite took this image showing the many blazes across Ireland as well as the big plume of smoke from the Inverkirkaig fire in Assynt. Smoke from the Ardnish fire near Lochailort can also be seen. Apparently, the wild fire land in north and isles covers '10 Hampdens' - which doesn't actually sound very much to me. It was also the Brecon Beacons 'worst' grass fires in 30 years. But it's still dry in southern England where Swinley Forest fire crews step up battle. Rain is expected here too this weekend though.

European drought forecast to end late May

Effects of climate change in Arctic more extensive than expected, report finds

Reptile's 'cousins' shed new light on end-Permian extinction - it may not have been quite so catastrophic as thought.


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