7th May - Today's News: A Thundery Weekend for Britain

After the heatwave and the drought comes the deluge! First heavy rain in a long while for Evesham work me in the early hours, accompanied by thunder and some very vivid flashes of lightning. More rain and hopefully more thunderstorms expected today and tonight. Interesting that after our coldest, snowiest winter (albeit one that came to a rather premature end) we seem to be heading for one of our thunderiest years in a long while. And the weekend's going to be very warm, very wet say forecasters.

The rain arrived too late though as fire wipes out wildlife habitat in the Brecon Beacons and also for some farmers too as drought hits west Norfolk

Rain stops but floods still rising in Quebec

Memphis braces for mighty Mississippi's wrath while fears grow as flooding worsens in multiple US states.

In China, prolonged drought season threatens navigation on Yangtze River, warns officals whilst Shanghai encounters worst dusty pollution ever.

Climate shifts 'hit global wheat yields'

But some good news as pink dolphins bounce back from 2010 Amazon drought

A new pre-publication paper on Black carbon in the atmosphere and snow, from pre-industrial times until present

Tree rings tell a 1,100 year history of El Nino

Mars Express sees deep fractures on Mars


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