3rd May - Today's News: Britain Burns After Warmest Ever April

A spate of wildfires around the country over the bank holiday weekend, including some rather too close to home! Six people airlifted away from Torridon wild fire with some spectacular pictures here from Andrew Doggett on the Walkhighlands forum. I'm not sure where the BBC got their first pisture from but it's definitely not Torridon! I'm still trying to find more details on the fire on Ardnish from which someone had to be rescued by lifeboat - it may have been in the vicinty of Peanmeanach bothy. And a few miles away, Fire crews nead boat to tackle glen blaze at Glenaladale on Loch Shiel, just behind Essan. This morning, crews continue battle with Highland wild fires.

Elsewhere, walkers warned of Lancashire moor fires, In Yorkshire, Wainstalls moorland fires burn for fourth day and in Berkshire, four fires in Swinley Forest shut roads.

Fires sweep Northern Ireland countryside - most of which have been started deliberately - and show up clearly on the latest NASA Modis terra satellite image

And across the country, April hottest for more than 350 years and there's a hosepipe ban warning as more dry weather forecast - here in Evesham we've so far had just 46% of normal rainfall this year.

It's also been the hottest start to year on record for Perth in Australia.

In NZ, tornado strikes Auckland, leaves trail of destruction with 2 dead and a new deluge expected to follow record fall.

Last week's US tornado outbreak was 'biggest ever'

In Manitoba, flood dikes holding despite snow while further south, Army Corps starts to blow up levee to flood 130,000 acres in Missouri to relieve pressure on the Mississippi.

And in a bizarre twist to winter, when they weren't producing any power at all, Scots windfarms paid cash to stop producing energy - even more bizarre, the amount paid was a lot more than they would have received for the electricity. Summat not right there! And it just reinforces the conviction of many that windfarms are just a big scam.


  1. New Black Carbon paper in review (might vanish soon before publication?): http://www.atmos-chem-phys-discuss.net/11/7469/2011/acpd-11-7469-2011.html

    H/T the Rabett http://rabett.blogspot.com/2011/05/black-carbon.html


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