25th May - Today's News: Joplin Tornado - At Least 122 Dead

It all happens when I'm away! A lot of catching up to do ....

The US has again been badly hit again by tornadoes. Joplin was devastated at the weekend, with so far 122 confirmed dead. Now, Joplin rescuers race to find tornado survivors before time runs out, more storms arrive. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City struck as tornadoes sweep US Mid-west and the biggest storm system in years hits Dallas-Fort Worth.

But, are tornadoes more common because of climate change? No. It's just 'weather'. Hence why some recent years have seen far fewer.

Closer to home, Grimsvotn erupted on Iceland leading to Scottish flights disrupted by volcano ash cloud. However, experts downplay travel risks as volcanic ash confirmed over UK. Today, Iceland volcano ash closes airspace in northern Germany

And very close to home - because I was out in it, at a bothy some 1500ft up in the Perthshire hills - there were power cuts and storm damage after winds batter Scotland on Monday, as gales batter northern Britain, killin two. In Northern Ireland, Belfast passenger train hit by falling tree and Scottish soft fruit growers hit by storm 'catastrophe' whilst some storm-hit homes still without power. Saw some impressive storn damage outside Dunkeld Cathedral where one massive tree had come down and there were a great many broken branches.

Other news:

On Saturday, there were bad weather rescues but group in double Snowdon climb

Mid and west Wales power protesters at Senadd

Receding Mississippi River floodwaters reveal ruined homes and cropland in southern States

This much snow and rain is not normal in Wyoming

Fears of repeat disaster as fires rage in eastern Russia

In the Philippines, tropical storm 'Chedeng' strands 533; DOH declares code white alert in Bicol

In Australia, ski-fields suffer wash-out

Unusual quake gave Japan tsunami extra punch

Two Greenland glaciers lose enough ice to fill Lake Erie

Do bacteria play role in weather events?

Australian meteorologists call an end to La Nina

And it looks like this is going to be England's hottest spring for a century. Just for the record, there was fresh snow on the Scottish hills yesterday ....


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