19th May - Today's News: Drought Fears for Northern Europe

Last update for a week as I'm away tomorrow to Perthshire - MBA meetings followed by a day watching the wind and rain through a bothy window - the weather up there is looking pretty wild this weekend and into next week. All of which is somewhat ironic given that at the moment northern Europe's farmers fear drought as bad as 1976. Though of course, that year too, Scotland missed out on most of the heat and sun.

And perhaps more irony, unless you wear a tinfoil hat, West 'causing drought' in Iran, says Ahmadinejad. So in that case, who's causing the droughts in the USA, Europe and China right now? Surely not the Australians?!!! But a more serious take on the issue of water shortages in the Arab world:* the Middle East is running dry - and into the 'perfect storm'.

* yes, I know Iran is not an Arabic country

And there's a hot dry summer in store, say forecasters - except I beg to differ with my friends at Netweather and whilst I doubt we'll see the reversal in fortunes that followed the hot, dry, April 2007 (when I famously predicted at the beginning of May that 'summer was over'), I see already signs that this summer, like most recent ones, will be varied, at times unsettled and overall pretty average. But there'll be some hot spells, particularly for the SE, just as there were last year. And gut feeling says August will be the better month. Mean temps will be above average though - but then, when are they not?

It's the calm before the storm in Butte La Rose, Louisiana as a section of flooding Mississippi River re-opens to ships.

NOAA expects below normal central Pacific hurricane season

Ukraine weather forecaster's remarks spark political storm

China acknowledges Three Gorges Dam 'problems'

Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharpely

Data suggests that the atmosphere above Japan heated rapidly before M9 earthquake - OMG! Is this proof it was HAARP wot did it afterall?!!!!! Er, no. But if replicated elsewhere it may indicate that in some situations at least we may have a means of predicting an imminent earthquake.

And deep space may not be quite as empty as we thought as free floating planets may be more common than stars


  1. Have a good trip - one to view before you go: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/Image_feature_1944.html


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