27th May - Today's News: Joplin Tornado Death Toll at least 125

In Joplin, city's tornado damage bill reaches $3 billion and as Missouri releases list of missing after tornado the official death toll in America's worst single tornado disaster for 64 years stands at at least 125. The survivors relate how they had 24 minutes to escape twister.

Justify FullElsewhere in the US, three killed by storms lashing Atlanta

Tornado outbreak creates a 'traffic jam' of storm chasers

And one heartwarming story as canine crawls home on two broken legs three weeks after being blown away in deadly Alabama tornado

Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in west

US extreme weather consistent with climate change

Flood fears swell as rain pelts southern Alberta

Drought turns China's largest freshwater lake into 'prairie'

Everest glacier 'turning into a lake' due to global warming - or, at least, due to regional warming which may or may not be in some part caused by carbon emissions.

Scientists detect Earth-equivalent amount of water within Moon, raising questions about its formation.

And other scientists debunk theory on end of 'Snowball Earth' ice age - leaving the question of why the ice age ended unanswered.

Was a significant role played by oceans in ancient global cooling?

Scientists reveal glass particles 'from ash cloud' - maybe they should send them to Ryanair's arrogant, ignorant, chief executive whom I doubt actually believes Iceland is a real place? On second thoughts no. He'd still deny they exist. Or claim it's perfectly safe fairy dust. Because the real danger to air passengers is not the ash cloud - it's these men

And something which should be of concern not just for geologists but meteorologists and anyone else who might be expected to forecast or predict extreme events, Italy earthquake experts charged with manslaughter. One possible ramification should the charges be upheld is a rash of dire warnings every time there's the very slightest hint of the mere possibility of something just conceievably happening - leading to a 'cry wolf' syndrome as the warnings consistently prove unfounded, until they get ignored when a severe event is indeed imminent. Deaths ensue. Who will be charged with manslaughter then? We live in interesting times :(


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