14th May - Today's News: 9 Killed in Spanish Earthquake

Spain mourns victims of Lorca earthquake with public mass after destruction and shock in Spain's earthquake 'hot zone' . It's highly unusual for a quake of that magnitude to cause so much damage. But can earthquakes be predicted? Well I can confidently predict that there will be at least a couple of magnitude 5+ quakes today. I just can't say where .... Meanwhile, one expert says eruption of Etna linked to earthquake in Spain.

As the Mississippi flood continues, US to open Louisiana gates whilst the Daily Mail again produces the best images of the town that faces being wiped off the map: Flood waters engulf every single home in Mississippi community. And satellite images display extreme Mississippi River flooding from space.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Manitoba reassures flood victims before dike breach

In contrast, drought expands dramatically in Texas, losses mount

US storms have no bearing on hurricane season

Snow falls as Sydney braces for more cold weather - I wonder if like us Australia will have a cold snowy start to winter but then a very early arrival of spring?

Here in Britain there are concerns we'll have a summer of drought as rivers run at record low levels. Despite unsettled conditions this week, many parts - including Evesham - have missed out on any more rain and the outlook for the rest of the month is mostly dry in the south. Meanwhile, the spring heatwave brings explosion of rare butterflies in the Cotswolds.

Rare tornado hits Xindian in New Taipei and, allegedly, northern Taiwan gets over 100mm of natural , artifical rain - but how much would have fallen without cloud seeding? 99mm?

Somalia drought: aid agencies in new warning

Drought halts shipping in China's Yangtze

Scottish field vole plague reaches record level due to the snowy winter.

Brazil congress again delays vote on key forest law - because there's money in trees: the poor end of forest protection but it's all about short term financial gain v long term security. Which would you choose?

And on that note, reforesting rural lands in China pays big dividends

For once it's not global warming but mining to blame for islands to sink beneath waves.

Can clouds mitigate global warming?

Icebergs help oceans take up carbon dioxide

And were the last Neanderthals near the Arctic Circle? If so, does this further support the idea that Scandinavian myths of trolls and giants might be based on early encounters with the last of them?


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