16th May - Today's News: Cajun Towns Destroyed to Save New Orleans From Floods

There is record water for a Mississippi River city as Mississippi floods threaten New Orleans and the Louisiana gates have been opened

The mild weather continues in Britain with, apparently, another heatwave on its way for hottest May in 350 years. Well, it does look like the southeast will be quite warm next weekend, though not unusually so - low 20s - and after that current indications are that the month could end fairly unsettled. So I very, very, much doubt we'll see anywhere reach anywhere near 29c in the next 2 weeks, let alone such temps persisting ...... Meanwhile, there are warnings that this dry spell 'sees birds short of mud' for building nests.

In Washington state, weekend storm dumps record breaking rain over Puget Sound

And more wild weather in NZ as Nelson tornadoes wreck havoc

In Kuala Lumpur, storm wreaks havoc in city

Cars swept away by floods in Barranquilla, Colombia

Drought leaves nearly 1,400 reservoirs dead in central China province

Temperatures rise to record level in parts of UAE

There are fears that in the Himalaya, quakes 'could rupture' glacial lakes some of which are growing as many glaciers in the region continue to retreat.

There are signs of the Antarctic ozone hole on the mend

Iran expert alarmed by 'critical' Caspian Sea pollution

And there's controversy as a sceptical climate study gets pulled after charges of plagarism


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