9th May - Today's News: Memphis Braces For Record Flood

As the Mississippi slowly swells to its destructive crest, Memphis residents brace themselves for worst flooding in 84 years whilst Army Corps battle the Mississippi.

With 21.5mm of rain in less than 48 hours, the weekend was my wettest period so far this year, and produced 50% more rain than March and April combined. Hmmm, and now the grass and weeds are shooting up ...... But, initially at least, rain fails to douse heath blazes, although today Swinley Forest fire crews set to leave

Still, good news for British soft fruit fans as warm weather set to boost strawberry crop

In China, rain falls on areas hit by drought

Philippine storm threatens more after killing 11

It's snowing in Australia as early flurries blanket Alps

Pembrokeshire tidal power impact studied


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