10th May - Today's News: 39 Injured in German Lightning Strike

5 suffer heatstroke as temperatures fluctuate across Japan - in Nagano going from 4.2c to 28.9c through the course of the day.

An ice-free Arctic may be in our future, international researchers say - but their argument may be flawed: just because there was an ice free Arctic in the past when CO2 levels were not much higher than today, does not mean that higher CO2 levels today will lead to an ice free Arctic.  Unless the only factor determining ice cover is CO2.  And I very much doubt it is.

A new study shows that cirrus clouds form around mineral dust and metallic particles - OMG they are chemtrails after all!!!!   But seriously, it seems some of these particles are likely to be from industrial processes, whilst deforestation and other landuse changes lead to an increase in dust.  So human activity may be causing more cirrus clouds to form than would do so naturally.

Traces of water on Moon came from Earth, study finds - so it's not an alien spaceship after all ....


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