3rd May - Today's News: May Snowstorm in Hebrides

This doesn't appear to have made the news, but there was some unusually heavy snow fall on Harris yesterday, as shown in this webcam image captured just after 6pm showing the main road from Tarbet to Stornoway, on the slopes of Clisham at c150m asl:-

Not what you normally expect in May!   Oddly, the mainland didn't seem to experience so much snow, not to road level anyway and this morning the only other traffic webcam showing snow is that at the Slochd.

Down here it was another fine, warm, spring day with glorious scenes across Britain as country basks in gorgeous sunshine with 21C bank holiday weekend forecast

In the US, rare May storm dumps more than a foot of snow in Wisconsin, Minnesota

And snow falls in Hokkaido as cold spring continues across Japan

The annual Assiniboine River flood threat moves south and east

California wildfire shuts famous highway

Flash flood overtakes Saudi Arabia, kills sixteen

Greater Mekong countries 'lost one-third of forest cover in 40 years' - and guess what happens when you chop down a rainforest (the clue is in the name) .....  Meanwhile, Nicaragua cloud forest 'under siege' by illegal loggers

Record low in Arctic sea ice caused by global warming, says UN

And this is how climate scientists are being framed


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