14th May - Today's News: Lake Ice 'Tsunamis' Destroy Homes

Wall of ice destroys Manitoba homes, cottages and there are amazing images and video footage as 'ice tsunamis' sweep into homes in Minnesota as well.

After a bright sunny start in Evesham today, it's set to turn very wet and rather cool and there's even a small risk of snow later ......  Models predict over an inch of rain here, though in the past they've tended to overestimate what actually falls in the Vale.   But we need about 20mm just to bring us up to about average for the month.  Spring on hold as snow forecast for parts of Wales and Scotland.  And to counter media claims 'forecasters' are predicting a wash-out summer, the Met Office point out why it's too early to write-off summer.   Doesn't mean it won't be another normal wet summer though.  But let's also not forget 1975 - and the summer that followed.

Fog blamed for 140 crashes on Dubai road and 3,200 Iraqis rendered homeless by flood as wild weather continues to afflict parts of the Middle East

And new research shows that rainforest plays critical role in hydropower generation - because, er, the rainforest helps generate the rain which falls into the rivers to turn the turbines....  Well duh!  


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