21st May - Today's News: Deadly Tornado Strikes Oklahoma; Over 90 Dead

Don't let anyone ever tell you Britain has bad weather.   Britain almost never has bad weather.   This is bad weather ....... :(

Oklahoma tornado: dozens killed in Moore

The dead include many pupils from an infant school flattened by the mile and a half wide tornado.  The death toll looks likely to rise with many still missing.  

Seven children found drowned in pool amid fears 24 more classmates may have persished

Current live coverage here

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France sees tornado, snow and stormy weather

'Freak' spring storms dumps record 58cm of snow on Gander, Newfoundland

Waterspouts twirl in Auckland

In Western Australia, remote Lombadina community under water after 180mm deluge

In Bangalore, six trees fall in 60 minutes as evening rain floods city whilst heat wave cripples North India

Worst drought in decades brings crisis of unprecedented proportions, says Namibian president

Northern hemisphere losing last dry snow region, says CU study

And the Clovis Comet hypothesis finds more support:  how cosmic impact sparked devastating climate change


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