15th May - Today's News: May Storm Brings Snow to Dartmoor

Well we managed 14mm yesterday and another 3-4mm this morning bringing us up to about 23mm for the month - still below average for the first half of May ......  But elsewhere, snow and winds of 65mph hit Devon and Cornwall and there was also snow on high ground in Wales with flooding call-outs in Wrexham and Carmarthenshire.   Radar suggests some places may have seen around 200mm of rain.

In the Tyrol, melting snow causes massive landslide onto mountain roads - it's not clear why rescue services fear a car may be underneath it.

EU funded Scientists produce their 'best estimate' for impact of melting ice on sea level rise - and despite the inevitable tabloid fearmongering/lying, there's a 95% chance that the worst case estimates won't be reached and the London flood barrier won't be breached every ten years ......   Furthermore, the highest estimates are somewhat lower than some previous studies have suggested.    Until the next study ......


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