17th May - Today's News: Texas Tornadoes Kills 6

On Wednesday, 13 tornadoes wallop North Texas; 6 dead.  As usual, lots of photos of the desruction from the Dail Mail as mother of four describers her horrific ordeal in aftermath of Texas tornadoes.  And there are 7 still missing from deadly storm

Snow-covered Shropshire hills are a white surprise as two inches of snow, a month's rainfall in a day and 65mph winds hit Britain.   We had about a third of a month's rainfall (and no snow nor strong winds) and the month's total here is close to average. 

There's a sunny summer forecast for desperate Danes - interesting to see Denmark has had above average rainfall every summer since 2001.  A trend, perhaps?

As cyclone Mahasen  comes ashore, Bangladesh rides out weakened storm

World's melting glaciers making large contribution to sea rise but it's possible world's biggest ice sheets likely more stable than previously believed - assuming tectonic movements rather than just sea level rises are responsible for anicent, higher, shorelines.

And is there really a  scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change?   Looks like it .....!   Though Wattsy and Co would beg to disagree,   But then, they'd disagree on pinciple, even if their god Himself told them so.  And no doubt throw about a few more childish ad homs in the process (here's a hint Wattsy: if you want people to take you seriously, trying reasoned argument, not childish ad homs - even if The Princess Bride is one of the greatest movies of all time!)


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