7th May - Today's News: Floods in France

For a very welcome change, it was a glorious bank holiday in across much of the country yesterday and as expected, the Daily Mail has loads of pictures of Britain's blazing bank holiday.  Reached 22.2c in my garden, first time it's hit 20c all year.   And with a gentle breeze it wasn't too hot nor humid.   Very nice.   Today could be even warmer.   But after that it looks all downhill......

But whilst it's been a fine weekend here, north-east France placed under high flood alert as floods, torrential rainfall hit eastern France

And some more details from last week where Italian village recovers from earthquake, struck by tornado

Computer models have taken over from Pharoahs' dreams as a warning is issued by the Israeli Water Authority: 'Severe Drought' from 2015-2035  

And latests reports are that 25 Saudis killed in heavy rain, floods last week

New research suggests that climate change, not human activity, led to megafaunal extinction in Australia - over the course of perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.  Though some species still became extinct only after the arrival of man, as has happened in most other parts of the world.   Maybe humans were to megafauna what the Chicxulub impact was to the dinosaurs?  The final chapter in a long decline.....

Once again there are warnings that climate changes could bring malaria to the UK, ignorning the fact that malaria  used to be endemic in lowlying, marshy, parts of Britain and Europe.  Just ask Oliver Cromwell!    And I'm not aware of any climate link to the increased incidence of Lyme disease in this country.   Oddly, ticks around Essan seem to have declined in recent years.  Perhaps because of the recent harsh winters?


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