1st May - Today's News: Scottish Wild Land Map Published, May Provide Windfarm Protection

A cool but dry April in Evesham - only just warmer than last year but only just over 50% of normal rain.  Thats 4 consecutive months here with below normal rainfall - how long before the drought warnings start?   And a splendid May Day with clear skies this morning after a pleasant cool start.  Lovely!  And the blossom is looking good for the weekend:

And the month begins with some goods news as planning rules reform could see windfarm ban in scenic Scotland - with Moidart amongst the many areas covered in a draft map produced by SNH; Scottish wild land map a first, says heritage agency

After 8 fatalities this winter, UK mountaineering groups working on avalanche messages for next season.

Spring snowstorm hits flood-stricken prarie residents in Canada, with snow also expected in parts of the US.  But whilst not common, May snowstorms: not as rare as you might think.

Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed' - looks like it wasn't responsible for a bottleneck in human population after all.


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