31st May - Today's News: Coldest Spring for 50 Years

Back from Essan after a very good workparty in fine weather - and no midges!  

So a bit of a catch up with the news today ....

With below average temps again in May, Spring will be the coldest in 50 years, Met Office says

Hurricane Barbara weakens to tropical storm, kills 2 people.  And could it become a storm with two names: will Pacific Barbara morph into Atlantic Andrea to give us the first named tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season?

Global warming caused by CFCs, not carbon dioxide, researcher claims in controversial study - it may be true that CFCs contribute to global warming, but they can only be the sole cause if we can eliminate every other cause - like black soot, contrails, urbanisation etc, as well as atmospheric CO2, methane, water vapour ......  And I don't think anyone has yet proven that these do not also cause warming!

Rainforests take the heat, paleontolgists show, but can they take the rapid deforestation?  I don;t think so ....

Arctic current flowed under deep freeze of last ice age, study says

A mammoth find: preserved ice age giant found with flowing blood in Siberia - though I'm not entirely convinced they actually found blood flowing at -10c.  The pictures are unrelated to this latest discovery.

Water-rock reaction may provide enough hydrogen to provide 'food' to sustain life in ocean's crust or on Mars

And pebbly rocks testify to old streambed on Mars


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