20th May - Today's News: Rash of Tornadoes Hit Central USA

Apparently, flooding hits northeast as one month's rainfall of nearly two inches falls in just 24 hours - I'm pretty sure most parts of the NE see more than 50mm of rain in May (even Evesham has an ave of 53mm) and the highest total for the NE that I can find for the 24 hour period to 15.00 on Saturday is 40mm at Albermarle, near Newcastle.   So more like and inch and a half.....   Notwithstanding which, it was a wet day up there and there was local flooding as a consequence.

Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely' - in other words, the world is warming, but not so fast as it was previously though it would.  Which is pretty obvious really.   Of course, precipitation pattern change - in my opinion the bigger threat - is not dependant just on atmospheric temperature, but on landuse change and, especially, deforestation, as well. 


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