12th February - Today's News: Flooding to Last Weeks

More flooding fears as storms forecast for today with 100mph gales forecast along coasts in Wales, and another storm coming again on Friday - with warnings that due to the saturated ground, floods could 'last for months'.

Meanwhile, further snow falls hit higher routes across Scotland whilst in Port Glasgow, road shut after bus gets stuck in snow - not a flake has fallen in Evesham yet the winter ....  But it is raining again!

In Eire, after yesterday's snow,  batten down the hatches again as winds to hit 160kph

Was a Man village hit by small scale tornado yesterday?

And there's flooding in Iberia too as central Portugal struggles with rising water levels and 2014: the year of incessant rain in Spain whilst storms eat in Aquitaine coast

In Queenslands, rains final reach the drought-stricken outback as Kowanyama swamped with 1.2m of rain but other towns not so lucky

And Graham Readfearn tells us why the 'pause' in global warming is not even a thing


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