18th February - Today's News: EA & Local Councils Culpable for Flooding

I know this is the Mail, but assuming it's true that river quango has allowed 190k new homes on flood plains since 1996  with the Telegraph also reporting that flood-hit areas earmarked for more homes, then the EA and local councils are most definitely culpable for the current floods.  Flood plains are called flood plains for a reason and building on them is not only stupid from the perspective of building a house you know will be flooded, but it increases flooding in areas that would not normally expect to flood.

Suggestions in North America US that rapidly warmig Arctic may be causing our polar-vortex winter - basically they are saying the same as others: a warming Arctic is causing the jet stream to meander which in turn leads to more extreme heat and cold than normal, depending on which side of the meanders you are.


  1. Andy, I may have said this before but it bears repeating, you're doing damn good work with this blog!

    Wrt to Scottish snow, I guess, if we see a snow eating SWly there could be serious floods? Or, perhaps, the snow is in limited extent, it being above, what, 3000 ft or so?


  2. Thks Peter - as for a snow eating SWly, that's what it looks like we'll see this weekend, so could be some flooding on Sun/Mon as snow below around 2,500ft melts (I think above that level it'll be okay)


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