21st February - Today's News: Winter 2013/14 Wettest on Record for UK

No surprise that this winter wettest on record - Met Office.   Though has to be pointed out that the total winter rainfall in Evesham has yet to exceed that of July 2007.

So why was flooding not as severe in parts of the Midlands?   Well I've answered part of that above. The Avon hasn't flooded any more than it does most winters.   But locally, we have very few properties on the flood plain and yes, defences have tended to work.


Climate change brings more crime, study says - the hotter we get, the hotter our tempers get

And it's a bit worrying that I keep seeing headlines on how summer of 2014 set to be the 'hottest ever' - which will inevitably lead to criticism of the Met Office for once again 'getting it wrong' if it's not.   And there's no reason to suppose it will be.   The story first appeared in The Independent a week ago and originates with suggestions that if a major El Nino develops in the Pacific later this year, then, globally, 2014 could be the warmest year on record.  Nothing to do with Britain or our summer.   Though that said, after a mild start, there's every possibility that 2014 could be quite a warm year overall here.  And I am actually expecting some quite good weather later in the spring or summer.


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