1st February - Today's News: Europe Hit With Snow and Floods

Meanwhile, images released of mountain rescue in Cairngorms to help show just how bad conditions are in the hills this winter - one of the snowiest in living memory

Southwest and Midlands braced as rain pours - with more to come next week.  I recorded 100.5mm in January (about 180% of average), but many parts have had much more - and it all goes straight into the rivers with ground in all parts completely saturated now.   And flood warnings as storm to wreak havoc in Eire too.

But 'why are we wasting all this water' asked Cambridge councillor Mike Mason who is quite right.  I'd not be at all surprised if we have water shortages later this this year or next .... 

More rain predicted for Johannesburg with more flooding likely

And one for the tinfoil hats: meterologists debunk the viral 'is this snow' video - it's a classic case of a little bit of ignorance going a long, long way thanks to the internet.   Though the chemtrail/HAARP/conspiracists will of course just assume the met men are in on the conspiracy, 'cos like it has to be true, right?


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