5th February - Today's News: Slovenian Ice Storm Pictures

Here, another night of high winds, high tides and floods ......  thousands of homes suffer power cuts with in Devon and Cornwal storms: homes evacuated and in Eire, clean-up in Cork after fresh flooding overnight.   More storms expected, especially across southern Britain later this week and the relentless onslaught of the Atlantic continues.  But at least it's not cold and snowy ......

And UK going in 'wrong direction' on flooding, experts say

'More snow than Sochi' is the cry from Glenshee as one of Britain's wettest, windiest winters continues to pile the snow above 2,500ft in the Highlands.  But I've yet to see full cover of snow on the snowgate webcam, down the road in Braemar, where like everywhere else it's just been wet.

Another snowstorm slams US Plains, heads for Northeast

And in Afghanistan, troops under attack - from snow: the first they've seen at Camp Bastion since it was set up eight years ago.  Here, of course, we've not seen a single flake of snow all winter.  But it's not just here, as Beijing's spring arrives, after snow fails all winter

'Animal Pompeii' wipes out China's ancient creatures - leaving us a wonderful fossil bed

And hot weather deaths projected to rise 257 percent in UK by 2050s, experts warn - that's assuming we get any hot weather ....


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