13th February - Today's News: 100mph Winds Batter Britain & Ireland

It's also reported that River Severn reaches record level in Worcester - but that's only since river gauges were installed, historic floods have been higher.

In Eire trail of destruction sweeps country whilst in Northern Ireland today, drivers battle through snow and ice

And a winter storm affecting US east coast as havoc persists in the South

But don't worry, because summer 2014 'likely to be hottest on record' ....... well, no.  But if an El Nino develops later this year, 2014 (or 2015) could, globally, be the warmest year on record.   That said, I've a sneaky suspicion we could well be in for quite a good spring or summer and after a very mild start we could also perhaps be looking at one of Britain's warmest years on record. 


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