19th February - Today's News: Snowiest Winter in Parts of US; Least Snowy in Parts of UK

In the US, some cities are close to snowiest winter in history whilst Cleveland sets 30-year record with 10th sub-zero day  - here in Evesham we've not even had half that number of sub-zero night.  And it's been the least snowy winter on record ....

Some good news for a change: farmland butterflies bounce back thanks to last years warm summer
I think I forgot to post  this earlier, but have we learned our lessons on flooding?  Clearly not since most of the recommendation of the Pitt Review -commissioned after the 2007 floods - have been ignored.

And has Piers Corbyn been caught out blatantly lying?

He claims that "WeatherAction LongRange predicted all 17 of the notable storm spells (in WeatherAction 'TopRed' periods) through Oct1 to Feb12, all of which Met Office underestimated from 1 or 2 days ahead" reasserting, further down on the page, that "We similarly predicted, weeks or months ahead, all the major storms hitting Britain & Ireland since October  Now, we know for fact that he failed to predict the severe pre-Christmas storms that left many without power for Christmas and caused the first of the major floods this winter - predicting instead that it would be "Mostly dry and mild / exceptionally mild especially in Ireland. Light air..."

Oddly, he has yet to post his January forecasts to his archive, and it seems there may be a reason for this since according to a post made to his blog by "Nigel" on 18th Feb:

"Ironically in view of what I am about to write, I actually support you Piers in your assertions about climate change, the mini ice age etc. but I think a little honesty is required to be taken seriously by politicians. I purchased the three monthy forecasts for december, January and February. December started well, but if I had placed any reliance on the second half of December, the whole of January or February up until last weekend for planning purposes I would have been in serious difficulties. Now I dont underestimate the scientific complexities and reasons why the forecasts were so wrong, but I do find it a little disingenuous that for anyone reading the comments pages and who hadn't purchased the forecasts, the truth is rather obscured and they would be forgiven for thinking that you had unerringly beaten met office forecasts. Both have been woefully short of the mark at times. I hope you add my comment, others (and you) may disagree, but at least it will be a two sided debate."

(comment posted in full - my emphasis)

 So I get the impression PC's forecast have not been quite so accurate as he is claiming.  Though at least he didn't forecast 100 days of snow .....!  A proper assessment will be made if/when he reveals his Jan and Feb forecasts. 


  1. Interesting that you caught that comment on Piers' blog - I've just looked and it has been removed, though one of his supporters has replied to it. Doubtless he's decided that it fell under "postings not of fair and honest intent and to engage in fruitful discussion." Piers' language often harks back to his far-left past (I'm reminded of "Dave Spart" from Private Eye), so perhaps old habits die hard.

  2. I was surprised to see it there - glad I copied it in full!

    1. What's really funny is that the reply to the now missing post from Nigel begins thus - "Nigel.... the fact that Piers posted your comment shows his integrity, so that doubt is put to rest." Ha!

  3. Just noticed Piers' Jan and Feb forecasts are now on his website - and Nigel was right: he didn't do very well at all!

    1. As an exercise I've copied and pasted Piers' forecasts and the Met Office's records for the same periods onto a word document. Piers was almost right at the start of the month, but otherwise he was way off. I particularly didn't notice the major blizzards on 10th -12th in "parts of the Midlands/E. Anglia"...


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