10th June - Today's News

Water problems continue in the Middle East: Syria declares emergency for drought-hit northeast ; but in New York it's too much water that was the problem as
Thunderstorms bring flooding rains to Long Island, whilst storms also produced flooding in Kansas City.

For anyone despairing of the current cool weather in England, cheer up - the Betfair Contrarian reckons it'll hit 100f in July. Personally, I wouldn't bet on it! In fact I don't think we'll see anywhere come close this year. Maybe 90f if you're really lucky.

Apparently smoke from forest fires produced a stunning sunset in Seattle. Just a shame no-one thought to take a photo!

The oceans subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee has been told that Global Warming has already changed the Oceans. Basically, the problem is increased acidification. Even if human CO2 emissions are not causing global warming they do seem to be having a detrimental effect on the oceans. There simply hasn't been so much CO2 around in the atmosphere for millions of years. A good reason in itself to curb our wanton waste of energy. Of course, this is nothing new. National Geographic were reporting on a similar story 5 years ago - so don't expect this latest hearing to result in us actually doing anything about it.

And on the subject of global warming, quite a sober article in the Examiner written by Thomas Fuller: Global warming myths and those who cannot count. Probably best to ignore the comments made by readers though.

I would also thoroughly recommend reading Fuller's interview with Roger Pielke Sr: Part1 and Part 2

Finally, there's tragedy in Ireland as cold weather kills blue tits that captured the nation's heart
But undoubtably the biggest weather news of the week is: Storm knocks over tree at White House. Look, it's a quiet news day, all right?!


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