4th June - Today's News

Some say global warming will increase the number/intensity of tropical cyclones, others say it won;t. Some say such storms are already increasing whilst other produce evidence to the contrary. Who to beleive? Well now a team from Harvard University say they've discovered a 'possible' link between tropical cyclones and global warming. And it seems regardless of whether global warming causes cyclones, cyclones could perhaps themselves be adding to global warming .... !

Also on the global warming front, another new study suggests climate change theatens African farmland. Whilst the World Bank claims that Poland and Hungary may become more like Sicily. Don't ask me why a bank should know so much about future climate trends, let alone why a central European region will get a mediterranean island climate! Perhaps they're expecting a big, big sea level rise?

Meanwhile Australia's Bureau of Meteorology are predicting an above even chance of an El Nino developing this year. We'll know if they're right come the end of July which is when they expect it to appear.

In the USA, freak storms pummel California (ever notice how all storms are freak these days?)

And on a more bizarre note, in the UK, man is rescued after getting foot stuck in road melted by heatwave. It's worth remembering that this 'heatwave' saw temperature generally into the mid 20s and nowhere even reaching 28c - though Irish media report that the temperature reached an unoffical high of 30c in Co. Carlow.

Not so warm in Germany though where they're experiencing a 'sheep's chill' cold snap.


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