6th June - Today's News

The relief effort after Cyclone Aila has hit a bit of a snag - a plastic bag snag to be precise. The Sundabans, where much of the aid is needed is a 'plastic free zone' - but what does all the food, clothes and other supplies arrive in .... plastic bags. I guess the answer is to ensure all the plastic bags are collected up afterwards and removed. But is that just too simple? Still, it's refreshing to hear of 'plastic free zones' - anything to help curb what is arguably the biggest pollution issue to hit planet Earth since those nasty algae thingies polluted the atmosphere with deadly oxygen. Did you know that you probably eat plastic every time you eat a fish? All that hard plastic on the beach gets pounded by the surf, smaller and smaller and smaller, and finally gets eaten by plankton who get eaten by little fish who get eaten by bigger fish ...... and that's besides all the bigger bits of plastic consumed by the big fish in the first place, and indeed sea birds and mammals. Oh well, a couple of hundred million years and it should all be gone.

But what's happening in Europe at the moment? Well, in Finland, gales have led to the power grids failing whilst in Britain it's gone from hotspot to winter wonderland in a week. And just to prove it, The Sun gave us a nice big picture of a Snowman in June. Oh, and a warning from Dumfries-shire: heatwave causes icey blast in car! But why would you have a can of de-icer in your car in a heatwave? Well, obviously the lady in question was cleverly anticipating the shift to much colder weather we're now experiencing in the UK.

There's been an earthquake in Attica, New York State, a bigger jolt in Japan, and also one near Port Talbot in South Wales .... Meanwhile, MIT team solves longstanding volcano mystery.

No doubt some climate change deniers will take this are more evidence of denial of freedom of speech and desperation by the AGW 'lobby' to force their views on everyone. I just find it funny. In a rather sad way. 'Global Warming is baloney' signs put heat on Burger King.

And finally for now, down in the Atlantic Weather is the main suspect in Air France investigation.


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