12th June - Today's News

NOAA's May assessment is now out and for the contiguous USA it was another warmer than average month - and for the year to date, only North Dakota has, overall, seen temperatures below average. This despite all those stories about cold and snow and "whatever happened to global warming". Fact is, a few cold spells in a few places does not impact all that much when looking at climate over a much greater area - and a good part of the USA had quite a warm winter.

Heavy rain and a lightning strike to a pumping station have caused problems in Dallas overnight and a storm in St Louis sent Aerosmith fans running for cover. Me? I'd have stayed put. Well, I don't want to miss a thing!

As if the Yellowstone Supervolcano wasn't enough, it's now being suggested there may be another supervolcano under Mount St Helens - that's another end-of-civilisation-as-we-know- it to add to the list!

Meanwhile, out in space, National Geographic provide impressive photographic proof that binary star systems can have planets

And after we were just told that global warming is causing winds to lessen, there's new evidence that global warming is increasing the dispersal of flora in northern forests - due to stronger winds! No wonder people get confused (though of course, winds may lessen in some areas and strengthen elsewhere, just as 'global' warming does not mean everywhere will necessarily get any warmer).


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