17th June - Today's News

Cockle deaths blamed on weather sounds serious. Global warming perhaps? Well it is a BBC news story ...... In fact, if you ignore the headline and read the actual story it turns out
The EAW said the heat-related deaths were a natural occurrence, not uncommon, which started in Mid May.
So barely a story at at! Always worth checking stories out (and confirming sources where possible) as headlines can be deceiving.

Sediment yields climate record for past half million years - and interestingly reveal that the Laurentide Ice Sheet was likely to have reached it's largest ever extent during the last Glacial.

Asia set to become biggest climate change driver though it all likelihood it already is thanks to the massive deforestation programme of the past few decades. But of course, this story looks only at industrial carbon emissions - just one (disputed) facet of anthropogenic climate change. No doubt this will be used by some to argue the USA shouldn't cut its carbon emissions - something which would be of no long term benefit to anyone and detrimental to all, regardless of any AGW issues. Wasting resources and delaying new technological advancements just because you can and/or other are is not a sign of intelligence. You hear me America?

In the USA, Midwest storms cause flooding, spawn 2 tornadoes whilst heavy rain brings back flooding problems for North Dakota. The news in New York is that rain is good (for flowers, puddles and mud) - maybe they should send some of that rain to the NW? Because in Seattle they're asking after 28 days without rain, will we set the springtime record?

And finally today, more on the snow in New Zealand where a polar blast sweeps the country.


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