8th June - Today's News

Torrential rain brought flood chaos to parts of Britain over the weekend. Especially on Saturday where in Wales a number of homes were evacuated in estate flood whilst patients were evacuated from Ystrad Mynach hospital There were also floods and power cuts after storm in Devon and in Snowdonia a big MRT operation saw 33 fell runners rescued. Whilst in Dorset lightning causes a campsite blaze and fishermen rescued in thunderstorm.

But think it's bad in Britain? Try living in the Sunderbans in India - still reeling from Cyclone Aila

Wet too in Florida where on Friday storms produced over 9 inches of rain And out in the Plains, Vortex2 finally caught it's first tornado

Down in Australia there was snow right on cue for ski season opening party. Which is good news, even if it wasn't enough snow to ski on.

And finally today, for those in England finding the weather a bit cold at the moment, fear not! Because Global warming to push London temperatures up to 105f Which just gives me another excuse never to set foot in the Capital again!


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