3rd June - Today's News

Well the heatwave's coming to an end as cold air pushes down from the north. Looks like autumn will be here by the weekend! And I have a cold (or is it swine 'flu?) to boot. So if you hear me sneezing away, that's why.

I guess the big weather news story - or possible weather news story - of the week so far is the tragic loss of Air France Flight 447. Was lightning responsible? We never know for sure, but the best assessment of such a posibility being the proximate cause of the crash that I've found is here: What Happened to Flight 447

Coincidentally, at the Florida Institute of Technology researchers have been trying to find out just how do thunderstorms create lightning?

After a very warm May, they finally had some cold weather in Perth, Western Australia, last week. But it didn't last, as this month kicked off with the warmest June day in 25 years, whilst thunderstorms sound the start of winter

Here in the UK we're used to problems with our railways due to leaves on the line and the wrong kind of snow, and now a heatwave may have derailed a train in Cumbria.

And the good news for those expecting the world to end in 2012 as massive solar flares cause the poles to shift and all electrical systems to fail ..... is that it won't. Because the long predicted solar maximum in 2012 is now expected to be delayed until 2013. So another year for the doomsayers to sell their books I guess? That the new sunspot cycle is also now expected to have a low peak - the lowest since 1928 - is also bad news for the endoftheworlders. As well as just a little embarassing for NCAR who in 2006 predicted cycle 24 to be up to 50% stronger than the last one .....

Finally, the latests shakes have been in North Texas, Vanuatu Islands, and Honduras whilst firey rumbles affect Indonesia,


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