9th June - Today's News

Over in China, the Beijing Met Office is predicting a hotter than usual summer with more days exceeding 35c than normal,

In India, the monsoon, briefly held up by Cyclone Aila, has now returned to Kerala and Konkan region (including Goa) and has finally hit Hyderabad as well. But in South Africa, they're bracing themselves for the cold as winter starts to set in.

Unusually for the area, 5 tornadoes touched down in Denver on Sunday and whilst it may be nearly midsummer, up in Wyoming they're still getting snow. Not quite that cold in Britain - though temperatures are well down on usual. Indeed the past 3 days have been the coldest spell I've recorded in June since I started keeping records in 2003. Mind, if you want temperatures up in the high 20s in June - that's around 7 or 8c above average - you have to expect some days at 14c or 15c to balance out. It can't be warmer than average every day!

And finally, some good news about global warming - it's good for young purple ochre sea stars. So let's all pump out some more CO2 and do our bit to help nature! Or maybe not, because it seems it may also mean some migratory birds may need to fly further. And could the real cause of global warming be scientists investigating global warming? Not quite, but it has been suggested that some of them ought to be looking at their own carbon footprint - Al Gore take note!


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