23rd June - Today's News

Getting weather news stories from Europe is not easy as usually they're all in the local language and not easy to find for a monoglot like me. But stories do sometimes pop up from news agencies elsewhere in the world, like this from Atlanta, Georgia reporting that freak weather batters Southern Italy. Whoever is speculating it's caused by global warming though obviously has yet to learn the basic difference between weather and climate!

Ice sheets can retreat in 'a geologic instant' says a new study of a glacier which once existed in the Canadian Arctic and may have disappeared in just a few hundred years - relevant not just to predictions of sea level rises should current warming trends in the Arctic continue, but also our understanding of how and why Glacials end so abruptly. Basically, once a glacier extents out over deep ocean it becomes susceptible to sudden, rapid melting. And the suggestion seems to be that after this rpaid melt period, it will slow down once the snout has retreated back to shallow water or land. Makes sense to me.

We finally have our first named storm of the Atlantic/East Pacific Season and there's already speculation that Storm Andres may become hurricane off Mexico. Certainly one to watch.

Other news:

Strong earthquake jolts Anchorage, Alaska

Amazing volcano photo reveals shockwave


Experts say lightning strikes on the rise


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