5th June - Today's News

Firstly, my apologies as I hadn't realised that not everyone could leave comments - hopefully that's now fixed!

You don't get headlines like storm leaves 20 dead, 117 injured very often in Europe or N America - but sadly it's almost a daily occurrence somewhere or other in Asia. In this case the story is from China and it's worth quoting:

"As of 6 p.m, about 3.47 million people had been affected by power and water supply stoppages or damage to their homes, 1,546 were evacuated, 9,856 houses collapsed, and more than 40,000 houses damaged, according to the report."

And that's not a hurricane or tornado or ice storm, just normal gales, hail and heavy rain. It's a whole different world .....

Not much else to report on today, but in the "well they blame it for everything else" section I found: Did global warming help bring down Air France Flight 447? Will you scream or shall I?

Down Under, I see that New Zealanders moan about the weather just as much as us Britons. Guess it's in the blood .... Mind, at least in NZ when it's cold it snows. Here it just rains. And on that note, anyone out there in England and Wales - especially central and northern parts - you're going to need your brolly and wellies this weekend. Actually, make that wetsuit and waders ...... It's a damp weekend coming up with a risk of some flash flooding. Though thankfully recent dry weather means a repeat of 2007 looks unlikely.


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