24th June - Today's News

Well the heatwave's arrived in Britain and I can't wait for it to end. Silly hot weather keeping my customers away and me indoors ....... roll on winter! Warmest place yesterday in the British Isles was Glasgow - not often that happens - with 26.3c. But that's way below temperatures in parts of the USA at the moment where it hit 100 degrees in Fort Lauderdale - the joint highest temperature ever recorded there - and across the State folk saw the hottest temperatures ever recorded. And it's not just Florida wilting in the heat; there's dry, hot weather taking toll in Louisiana while in Kansas, Wichita broils.

Back in South Florida though, the heat gave way to storms . As indeed it did in Britain yesterday afternoon, with some heavy thunderstorms the resulting the Yorkshire village of Askwith devastated by flash flood - and later on in Ireland further flash flooding in Donegal with a Mum and daughter rescued after flash flooding in Bunbeg.

Meanwhile, down in South Africa it's now winter and there are cold, snowy, windy and stormy days ahead. Sounds lovely!

Having learnt a few days ago that it wasn't us humans but climate change that pushed the British woolly mammoth to extinction, we now learn that in Australia it wasn't climate change (as previously thought) but us humans who wiped out the giant kangaroo. Cosmic karma at play perhaps?

And across in the Pacific, storm Andres becomes a hurrican off the Mexican coast - that's our first of the season folks. Shortlived though. Because as it sideswiped Mexico, Andres weakened to a tropical storm.


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