12th September - Today's News

It will come as no surprise to many but the NOAA's seasonal assessment is now out and they've said Summer temperature below average for US.
The average June-August 2009 summer temperature for the contiguous United States was below average – the 34th coolest on record, according to a preliminary analysis by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. August was also below the long-term average. The analysis is based on records dating back to 1895.
Here in the UK it was a warmer and wetter than average summer - so no surprises here either.
  • UK mean temperature over the three months of June, July and August was 0.6 °C above the long-term average at 14.7 °C.
  • UK rainfall reached 318.5 mm, 40% more than average.
  • Summer 2009 was warmer than both 2007 and 2008.
  • Unlike 2008, each summer month saw temperatures in excess of 30 °C.
  • In the south-east of England rainfall was very close to normal and temperature was 0.6 °C above normal.
  • In western Scotland 60% more rain than normal fell through the summer months, although it was almost a degree warmer than normal.

On the face of it geothermal energy makes sense. It's already used in places like Iceland where there is plenty of hot volcanic steam vents and geysirs. Elsewhere requires drilling further down into the crust to 'hotspots' where ancient batholiths are still glowing warm enough - one such potential site in Britain is Cornwall. Once established we have limitless clean energy. I've long been an advocate of the idea (after first hearing about it whilst studying geology at school). But it seems there are complications: German geothermal project leads to second thoughts after the earth rumbles.

German ships succesfully make 'Arctic Passage'

It's going to be a barbecue autumn as Britain enjoys fine weather at last - whilst the good folk of Kirkcudbright ask why does it always rain on us? And over in Yorkshire, Weatherman puts his own village of Wetwang on the map.


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