30th September - Today's News

Four degrees of warming 'likely' - but by the end of the century, not 2060 (which is simply a speculative date mentioned in passing as a off the cuff plausibility, not a likelihood under this study. Yet another case of don't believe the media! The actual MetO Press Release (with no reference to 2060) is here.

Ketsana has continued to cause devastation in SE Asia:

Devastation in Manila flood zone

Philippines struggles as flood deaths rise

In Viet Nam: Ketsana barrels into central region

Death toll from tropical storm "Ketsana" rises to to 26 in Vietnam

Typhoon Ketsana blasts Cambodia

Meanwhile an earthquake off Samoa has triggered a deadly tsunami:

Tsunamis devastate Pacific islands

UK child presumed dead in tsunami

Pacific tsunami death toll at 76

Samoa tsunami: 100 feared dead on Pacific Islands

More updates on this tomorrow.

Other news:

Sydney's hottest September in 150 years

Indian drought worst since 1972

Floundering El Ninos make for fickle forecasts

It's still sometimes argued that the Medieval Warm Period must have been warmer than today because back then they could grow grapes in Yorkshire. Well they do grow grapes there today, and despite what has been a fairly normal summer temperaturewise - certainly no global warming induced heatwave - there a re grape expectations for popular English wines. Evidence perhaps, then, that during the MWP summers in Britain were as warm as summer 2009 ......?

We tend to use the word sear in associatuion with hot temperatures ..... over in the Caucausus it seems to be used somewhat differently though as heavy rain and snow means severe weather sears Georgia.

Cosmic Rays hit space age high

Storm killers: Earth Scan lab tracks cold water upwelling in the Gulf

They had a fair bit of cold and snow last winter, but nontheless it's being predicted the US Northeast may have coldest winter in decade. Where's our's for a change? We did have 3 or 4 cold nights last January I suppose ..... Currently it looks like Britain will have a mild winter - if you believe the Met Office. The MetO models are currently indicating a fairly mild and wet winter for NW Europe, though intriguingly the official LRF does also suggest a 1 in 7 chance of a cold winter ...... Hope yet maybe?

And finally, just for fun, why the weather reports are always wrong!


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