28th September - Today's News

Hundreds feared dead as tropical storm Ketsana lashes Manila with month's rain in a day

Philippines battles flood chaos

Aussie dust storms may help save planet - hmmm, is this another sign of Gaia in operation? Global Warming and mass deforestation increase drought and the frequency of big dust storms. These not only spread diseases to reduce human populations (and thus - in theory anyway - our detrimental impact on the environment) but also act to reduce the effects of AGW ... Thus helping maintain the equilibrium. This works equally well with just natural warming too.

Met Office warns of catastrophic global warming in our lifetimes. Or maybe not. I've not seen the report, but my guess is that it presents a number of possible scenarios and that 4c by 2060 is a worse case possiblity and not one that is thought very likely. Bit like the 11c by 2100 that was much trupeted a few years back.

China's wind farms come with a catch: coal plants

Global increase in atmospheric methane likely caused by unusual Arctic warmth, tropical wetness - levels had seemed to stabilise since the end of the last decade (despite claims of increased emissions from drying tundra and cattle)

Heavier rainstorms ahead due to climate change?

In Tasmania: power off as wild weather hits

And finally, here in Britain: spiders on heat promise patter of lots of tiny feet - my house is full of spiders all year round ..... not seen many crane flies this year as yet though.


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