25th September - Today's News

Five dead in Turkey's latest round of floods

First Deep Impact and other spacecraft find clear evidence of water on the Moon, and now we have Martian ice exposed by meteorite impacts. The stuff's everywhere! But I'm particularly interested in this comment by Shane Byrne:
This ice is a relic of a more humid climate from perhaps just a few thousand years ago
Surely that has major ramifications in the search for life on Mars?

I'm always intrigued at just how widespread commercial cloud seeding is in the USA. For example, in Nevada cloud seeding to continue this year for Truckee River basin. It's a growing business in Australia too and in Tasmania there are claims that Hydro's cloud seeding ineffective - though it sounds in this case to be more a case of commercial rivalry. Meanwhile, India is also giving it a go. Forbes, India have a useful interview with Arvind Sharma, CEO of Indian cloud seeding firm Agni Aviation - How do you know which clouds to target?. But whilst decks cleared for cloud seeding in Marathwada some are, like me, rather sceptical and asking is rainmaking a failed experiment?

Man not to blame for early carbon emissions - according Bern scientists. William Ruddiman will no doubt disagree!

Now this is interesting because I shall be up in Glen Roy in 3 weeks time - Time frame set for 'Darwin Roads'. Must say I've never heard the Parallel Roads called that before though.

In New Zealand, snow, ice chase spring away. Whilst in Canada bizarre heatwave melts records.


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